Bi-directional Fax Management

Custom fax capabilities for cardiology practices

1st Providers Choice's fax management EMR functions facilitate enhanced communication between providers. Through our cardiology EMR, physicians can fax patient data to other providers, insurance companies, and even patients. The system also handles e-prescriptions and allows for quick prescription approvals.

We understand that cardiology practices handle a large volume of documents each day and require time-saving tools to efficiently manage their patient records. That's why we have developed a fully automated fax management feature that is easy to set up, customize, and manage.


Our cardiology EMR's fax management capabilities allow providers to:

  • Send and receive valid electronic faxes directly through the EMR
  • Configure automated thank you letters for physicians who refer new patients
  • Easily fax EMR data, prescriptions, lab orders, documents, letters and other forms
  • Save money on paper supplies and ink
  • Utilize office resources more efficiently