Cardiology e-Prescribing

Facilitating Electronic Prescriptions with EMR

E-prescribing (eRx) allows cardiologists to quickly generate accurate prescriptions and transmit them to an eRx-participating pharmacy of the patient's choice. It has been proven to speed up the prescribing process, reduce errors, and increase medication adherance. Cardiologists who use e-prescribing also benefit from having quick and easy access to their patients' current medications, allergies, and potential drug interactions.

cardiology electronic prescriptions


  • Send prescriptions electronically, by fax, or print to paper
  • Easily check for drug-drug and drug-allergy interactions
  • Maintain complete medication histories for patients
  • Create templates for frequently-used prescriptions
  • Prescribe multiple prescriptions simultaneously


  • Reduces medication errors and mistakes caused by illegible handwriting
  • Increases patient prescription compliance
  • Alerts physicians of potential prescription errors, such as incorrect dosages
  • Streamlines the refill request and authorization process
  • Greatly reduces time spent on the phone with pharmacies